Adobe XD

Adobe XD

By Adobe

Adobe XD is a vector-based user experience design tool developed by Adobe Inc. It enables you to create applications for desktop and mobile The purpose of Adobe XD is to help you create a user interface for apps.  Designers can use this in tandem with other Adobe programs, namely: Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects. Whether you access these programs through your hard disk or the Adobe Creative Cloud, you can bring your work from those apps to XD. Other collaboration tools it is linked with are Slack and Microsoft teams. These will help you work more efficiently when you’re collaborating with other users on an app. 

Flexible in scaling designs 

Users that are working or are interested in multimedia or creative design can benefit from Adobe XD a it supports wireframing and prototyping. These two design methods are necessary for scaling your designs for various devices or operating systems. In addition to these are four major features which are: Responsive Resize, Repeat Grid, Assets Panel, and Auto-Animate. The Responsive Resize feature will help designers that are developing websites for both mobile and desktop as it is in charge of retaining placements and scalability of the page. 

Out of the four features, resizing is relevant to user experience. The next three are related to the user interface or layout. Repeat Grid replicates all your elements, styles, and spacing across a project’s artboard. It’s different from the Assets Panel which contains all colors, components, and formatting in one section. Lastly, the Auto-Animate feature adds animation between artboards. This allows you to see how your audience will interact with your program.

Collaboration features 

Adobe XD is suitable for developers that prefer to work in teams. Together, you can build design specifications and production assets that everyone can have access to. Components, assets, and design elements can also be uploaded to the Adobe cloud storage service so all members can have access to it. This is made possible by Adobe’s a singular system. It means all the changes made by a user are either kept or prevented.  Third-party applications, custom tooling, and other application program interfaces can also be added to fit the group’s needs. 

Business communication channels like Slack or Jira to the program can be linked to Adobe XD. This will allow you to present or share your work straight to the platform. It’s a good alternative to downloading your work and uploading it to your group chat. In addition to eliminating manual editing, the Adobe XD automatically scales the design to any platform. This will make it easier for your project leads, clients, and other stakeholders to see your work and provide you feedback in real-time. 

All-encompassing UI/UX program

Adobe XD is best suited for web designers and app developers that are working with a group. The tools available on this software are capable of current trends in website and mobile application development. This means you will not be short of tools to create any app your team wants to create. Individual designers can also use these tools to create their own independent projects. The addition of chat applications is there to help businesses or organizations speed up the process of development. 

Software Specifications:

Latest version
Latest update
September 22, 2023
Version Operating Systems
Adobe XD varies-with-device
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP